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Paul Hester

Paul Hester

"Paul Hester" (January 8, 1959 - March 26, 2005) was the drummer of Split Enz and Crowded House. He guest-starred in the Yummy Yummy (re-recording) as Paul the Cook.

Song Credits

Toot Toot! (Video)

  • Move Your Arms Like Henry - Drums/Percussion
  • Silver Bells That Ring in the Night - Drums
  • Zardo Zap - Drums
  • Balla Balla Bambina - Drums
  • Wags the Dog He Likes to Tango - Drums/Percussion

Toot Toot! (CD)

  • Wah Hoo Hey, I'm Combing My Hair Today - Drums
  • Rocket - Drums/Percussion

TV Series 2

  • Our Boat is Rocking on the Sea - Drums


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