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Phillip Wiggle


Phillip Wiggle

Played by

Phillip Wilcher


Red w/ White Polka-Dots

Favorite Song

Get Ready to Wiggle







"Phillip" was the fifth wiggle, before they had their colored shirts. He wrote and provided the keys for most of the songs on the Wiggles' debut album. He is the only Wiggle to not appear in a video, except for the original music videos of Get Ready to Wiggle and Dorothy the Dinosaur. He does not make a appearance in any of the Wiggles franchise since 1992. He was the very first member ever to be retired. According to Phillip Wilcher, the reason why he left is because he wasn't comfortable performing with them. He is also the only original wiggle who does not appear in a movie, TV series, or wears a specific colored shirt.


  • He was the second oldest Wiggle out of the five original Wiggles.
  • You can hear his voice on many of the songs on the debut album.
  • Although he was portrayed to in the Get Ready To Wiggle music video, he does not play the trumpet.
  • He quit the wiggles in 1992.
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