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"Poesje Mauw" is a Dutch song from Here Comes A Song and the video Dorothy the Dinosaur's Party. It was also sung in an episode to cheer Lachy the cat up.

Song Lyrics


Poesje Mauw kom eens gauw

Ik heb lekkere melk voor jou

En voor mij Rijstebrei

Oh wat heerlijk smullen wij

Hondje Waf, waf waf waf,

Blijf eens van mijn lekkers af

Kom eens hier

Aardig dier

Oh, wat hebben we een plezier


Little cat, come for food

I have lovely milk for you

And for me, rice and meat

Oh what lovely things to eat

Little dog, bow, wow, wow

Stay away from me for now

Lovely dog

Come to me

Give me your paw and be happy

Song Credits

1992 Version

Source: Here Comes A Song Album booklet

2007 Version

2013 Version

  • Vocals - Greg Page, Emma Watkins
  • Acoustic Guitar - Greg Page


09 Poesje Mauw


  • Greg Page wrote an English transition of the lyrics for this song.

Video Performances

Album Appearances

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