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"Porcupine Pie" is a song written by Neil Diamond. Greg sang this song on The Wiggles' 2000 album "It's a Wiggly, Wiggly World".

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Song Lyrics

Greg:  Porcupine Pie, Porcupine Pie, Porcupine Pie

Vanilla Soup, a double scoop please.... No

Maybe I won't, maybe I will, maybe I'll have

the tutti fruit, with fruity blue cheese.

Ah but Porcupine Pie, Porcupine Pie, Porcupine Pie

don't let it get on your jeans.

And though it sounds a little strange but

you better eat it with gloves or your hands will turn green.

(Instrumental break)

Ah but Porcupine Pie, Porcupine Pie, Porcupine Pie

weaves its way through my dreams.

I do believe I'm gonna try some and

leave enough room for dessert, the chicken ripple ice cream.


  • This song was never made into a video.

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