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June 1991

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St. Patrick's Day 10am

"Positive" was the third Cockroaches album.


  1. Bit by Bit, Little by Little (John Field, Paul Field)
  2. Hope (John Field)
  3. I Must Have Been Blind (John Field, Paul Field, Jeff Fatt)
  4. Summer Again (John Field)
  5. I Don't Wanna Be Sad (John Field, Anthony Henry)
  6. Stay With Me (John Field)
  7. Miles Away (Paul Field, Peter Mackie)
  8. Good, Good, Good (John Field)
  9. Doesn't It Hurt (John Field, Paul Field)
  10. Rely on Me (John Field, Paul Field)
  11. Here Comes That Feeling (Dorsey Burnette, Joe Osborne)
  12. When You're Away (John Field, Paul Field)
  13. Shake the Foundations (Paul Field, Peter Mackie)
  14. Why Oh Why? (John Field)



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