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“Prehistoric Party”
Series 4, Episode 9
Approx. Running Time


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Prehistoric Party is an episode of Series 4.


Join The Wiggles and their friends for some Hot Potato and go back to when The Wiggles were young. Then The Wiggles and their friends visit Central Park New York and go back to prehistoric times in Caveland.


  • The Wiggles show intro.
  • Jeff introduces the first song
  • Little Wiggles segment – It's a hot day. Little Murray invents an air cooler. As he goes to put his tools away, the Non-realistic Wiggles freeze. Murray rushes back to adjust the cooler.
  • Dorothy's Dance Class – Brett and Larissa teach The Airplane which is holding your arms out and flying around and up and down.
  • It's time for a Wiggly concert!
  • Anthony introduces the next song.
  • We'd like to say goodbye but someone's missing. Jeff!

Alternate titles

  • Caveland (Playhouse Disney title)


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