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"Pufferbillies" is The Wiggles song about trains.

Song Credits

1995 Version

2014 Version

2016 Version


1995 Version

2014 Version

2016 Version


20 Pufferbillies

Song Lyrics

Down by the station

Early in the morning

See the little pufferbillies all in a row

See the Engine Driver

Turn the little handle

Puff, puff! Toot, toot!

Off We Go!


  • The Wiggles rewrote twist the little handle to turn the little handle.
  • The song is usually called "Down by The Station" but The Wiggles rewrote the title themselves.
  • The 1995 version plays in C while the current version since 2014 plays in D.

Episode Performances

Video Appearance

Album Appearance

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