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Pumpkin Face is the fourty-third Wiggles video that was released October 23rd, 2013. You can find songs in The Wiggles' Vimeo page, the password is pumpkinface. This is the very first Wiggles Halloween video. The video is also called "Wiggly Halloween" in North America.


USA DVD cover (under the title Wiggly Halloween)
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  1. Scary Ghost!
  2. Little Vampires
  3. Pumpkin Face
  4. Do the Skeleton Skat
  5. The Full Moon Melody
  6. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
  7. Hey Billy Bat!
  8. Friendly Little Spider
  9. Zombie Feet
  10. Furry Wolfman
  11. I Stamp
  12. Trick or Treat
  13. Let's Go! We're Riding in the Big Red Car
  14. Do the Owl
  15. I Like Scary Nights
  16. Howling Wolf
  17. In the Big Red Car We Like to Ride
  18. Dry Bones
  19. Mumbles the Monster
  20. Who Killed Cock Robin?
  21. Witchy-Woo, Ooh, Ooh, Ooh!
  22. Ooey, Ooey, Ooey Allergies!
  23. Sound of Halloween


  • In "Zombie Feet", The Wiggles are wearing the 2007-2012 shirts and the 2002-2006 pants.
  • Emma doesn't wear the 2002-2006 pants because she wears a skirt.
  • This is the very first Wiggles Halloween video to date.
  • The video was first released in the United States on August 17th 2013 titled as "Wiggly Halloween".
  • The song "I Stamp" was taped in London on June 2012. It was originally going to be used on Taking Off! but was used on this video instead.
  • Jeff cameos in "Witchy-Woo, Ooh, Ooh, Ooh!" Doing a ribbon dance with The Wiggles and Captain Feathersword.
  • During the chorus for "Little Vampires", sing-along words are shown. For unknown reasons, this is the only time there are sing-along words are ever shown.
  • Songs from this video were broadcasted on The Wiggles' new TV Series on Sprout.
  • Simon plays the brown Fender bass guitar in "Hey Billy Bat!" and "Howling Wolf".
  • Anthony's daugter, Maria, sings "Who Killed Cock Robin?.
  • Wiggly Team Crew, Pablo Munoz is seen in "Zombie Feet" where he hands out candy to The Wiggles and Captain Feathersword as zombies and in "the title of the song" where he and the other families are carving out jack-o-lanterns. Caterina Mete's nephew, Anthony Caio, is also seen in "A Friendly Little Spider" in a spider costume.


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Promo Pictures

  • Anthony and Elvis Skeleton
  • Elvis Skeleton
  • Lachy playing Maton guitar
  • Simon and James Arthur Chen
  • Anthony eating bones on toast
  • Emma
  • Simon
  • "Scary Ghost!"
  • "Little Vampires"
  • Simon as a vampire
  • The Wiggles as vampires
  • "Three Little Pumpkins"
  • The Wiggles
  • "Do the Skeleton Skat!"
  • Anthony playing Maton guitar
  • Simon in skeleton costume
  • Emma in skeleton costume
  • Anthony in skeleton costume
  • The Awake Wiggles in skeleton costumes
  • The Awake Wiggles in skeleton costumes
  • Emma in skeleton costume
  • Behind-the-Scenes: "Do the Skeleton Skat!"
  • Lachy playing piano
  • The Awake Wiggles in skeleton costume
  • Anthony in skeleton costume
  • Simon
  • Emma in skeleton costume
  • The Wiggles in Training
  • "The Full Moon Melody"
  • The Wiggles in Training
  • The Wiggles
  • Emma as Moonshine Pearl
  • Simon and Emma
  • "Hey, Billy Bat!"
  • The Wiggles wearing bat glasses
  • Maria Field
  • "A Friendly Little Spider"
  • Anthony Caios the Spider
  • "Zombie Feet"
  • The Zombie Wiggles and Captain Feathersword
  • Captain Feathersword and Pablo Munaz
  • "Furry Wolfman"
  • Nick the Wolf
  • Nick the Wolf standing on "Beware of Hedge" sign
  • Anthony as a wolf
  • Anthony in dressing room
  • Simon as the wolf
  • The Other Wiggles and Nick Hutchinson
  • Simon and Nick
  • Emma, Lachy and Dr. Johnny Taitz
  • Emminy and Dr. Johnny Taitz
  • "Trick or Treat"
  • The Wiggles
  • Captain and Dorothy
  • Captain and Dorothy
  • Simon and Emma
  • Simon and Emma holding Jack-O-Lantern buckets
  • "Do the Owl"
  • Simon and Anthony
  • Simon and Anthony
  • Lachy and Emma
  • Behind the Scenes: "Do the Owl"
  • Lachy and Emma
  • "I Like Scary Nights"
  • The Male Wiggles
  • Emma
  • Emma and the girls
  • Emma and the kids
  • "Howling Wolf"
  • The Wiggles wearing beards
  • The Wiggles playing music
  • The Wiggles behind bush
  • The Wiggles
  • The Wiggles
  • The Wiggles
  • "Mumbles The Monster"
  • The Other Wiggles
  • Lachy and Anthony
  • Emma playing the drums
  • Lachy in school
  • The Other Wiggles and Captain Feathersword
  • Captain Feathersword playing Red Starry Keyboard
  • Mumbles and schoolteacher
  • Mumbles playing Maton guitar
  • Emma playing the drums
  • Mumbles and cameraman
  • Anthony playing Maton guitar
  • Captain Feathersword
  • The Other Wiggles
  • Emma the Dove
  • Lachy and Emma
  • Lachy the Fish
  • Simon holding a fly
  • The girl birds
  • "Who Killed Cock Robin?"
  • Emma as the dove
  • Simon as the rook
  • Lachy as the fish
  • Caterina the Witch
  • Jeff
  • The Male Wiggles and Captain Feathersword
  • "Witchy-Woo, Ooh, Ooh, Ooh!"
  • Lachy and Anthony
  • Caterina and the girls
  • Lucia and Maria
  • "Pumpkin Face"
  • The Other Wiggles
  • Simon wearing Elvis costume
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