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"Racing to the Rainbow" it is the 28th Wiggles album which was a released on the 28th of August, in 2006. And It is won the 2006 ARIA Music Award for a Best Children's Album. And The accompanying video was a released on the September 7, in 2006.


  1. Intro
  2. Here Come The Chicken
  3. Bump-A-Deedle
  4. Music Box Dancer
  5. Shakin' Like a Leafy Tree
  6. Teddy Bears Big Day Out
  7. Rainbow of Colours
  8. Blow Up Your Balloon
    (Huff and Huff and Puff)
  9. The Chew Chew Song
  10. The Princess of the Sea
  11. Polly Put The Kettle On
  12. Do the Daddy Long Legs
  13. Stamp Your Feet (To the Heavy Beat)
  14. He's a Bird! What a Bird!
  15. The Tra-La-La Song
  16. Huddle, Huddle, Huddle Along
    (The Football Song)
  17. The Wheels on the Bus
  18. Go To Sleep Jeff (Brahms' Lullaby)
  19. Row, Row, Row Your Boat
  20. Rockin' on the Water
  21. Five Little Ducks
  22. Everybody Dance!
  23. Love Train


Release Dates

  • Australia: August 28th 2006
  • America: March 13th 2007
  • United Kingdom: October 29th 2007


  • The song Here Come The Chicken first appeared in Sailing Around the World. A partial live-action version first appeared in TV Series 5 episode Animal Charades.
  • Sam Moran who later became the Yellow Wiggle in November 2006 wrote the lyrics for The Princess of the Sea with Brett Clarke & Greg Page.
  • They wrote all the songs for this album in January 2006 except for Here Come The Chicken which was written in January 2005 after that they went on to write songs for their upcoming album Getting Strong! which was supposed to be released in December 2006 but got cancelled & pushed back to May 2007 due to Greg's departure.
  • The song Run, Run, Run Away (A Storm Is On Its Way) was supposed to be on this album but it was cut out at the last minute, due to time constraints.
  • Kamahl and Georgie Parker guest star in Love Train.
  • This was the last album to feature Sam Moran on backing vocals.
  • This was the only album to feature Derek Antunes on drums alongside Tony Henry who as been the drummer for The Wiggles since 1994.
  • This was also the only album to be recorded at Tiger Sound before they recorded the final release of their upcoming album Getting Strong! at Hot Potato Studios in January 2007.
  • The Go to Sleep Jeff song is reused from the title of the album.
  • Zoe Velvez voices Dorothy the Dinosaur on Everybody Dance!.
  • Special Guest Guitarist James Burton plays the electric guitar on Here Come the Chicken.
  • There have been various mistakes on other album releases such as the US release and the double pack release. For example, The Wiggles thought they wrote Blow Up Your Balloon (Huff and Huff and Puff) all by themselves but they didn't because Dominic Lindsay wrote it with them. The same thing happened on Windows Media Player. Another example is that on the DVD release, Greg's name was removed from the credits of Shakin' Like a Leafy Tree, although his name was still there on the album booklets.
  • In the Sailing Around the World and Racing to the Rainbow Double Pack Release, The Song Credits for some of the songs from Racing to the Rainbow was reused from the US Release by mistake.
  • Five Little Ducks has a new recorded version.
  • Music Box Dancer was previously sung in LIVE Hot Potatoes! Tour and Sailing Around the World Live!.
  • The UK release of the disc doesn't have The Wiggles on it.


Album Booklet

AU Album Booklet

US Album Booklet

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