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Rock-a-Bye Your Bear
Song by Greg Page
Album: The Wiggles
Released: 1991
Episode: Jeff The Mechanic
Length: 1:35
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The Wiggles - Rock-a-Bye Your Bear01:52

The Wiggles - Rock-a-Bye Your Bear

"Rock-a-Bye Your Bear" is one of the Wiggles' favourite songs that they always sing in concerts and some videos. It made its grand debut in The Wiggles. The Purple Wiggle would often sleep at the end, or a teddy bear mascot.

written by Anthony Field, Greg Page


Everybody clap (clap clap clap)

Everybody sing (la la la la la)

Bow to your partner

Then you turn around (Yippee!)

Hands in the air, rock-a-bye your bear

Bears now asleep

Shh shh shh

Bears now asleep

Shh shh shh

(Repeat to Beginning)

("Bear's Now Asleep, Shh! Shh! Shh!" Is repeated as the song fades out)


  • In the original 1991 album version, Jeff snores at the end and Anthony says "Turn that trumpet down! Bears are trying to sleep!".
  • The 2013 version was actually taped in a live studio with a teddy bear mascot who is sleeping at the end until the Wiggles wake him up. This can be seen in TV Series 7.
  • This song is usually one of the first songs performed in their concerts.
  • The instrumental track has three main versions. 1991-1996, a trumpet starts the song, from 1997 onward, an accordion starts the song, and since 2012, sometimes it starts with light piano.
  • The "yippee!" after "Then you turn around" wasn't yet added until 1996.
  • Anthony or Murray have played the guitar in this song.
  • On the [1]Hot Potatoes: The Best of The Wiggles In the bonus features, it says it has the original 1991 music video for this song, but it actually has the 1993 music video for this song.
  • It was the first animal song to be perform.


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