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Rock & Roll Preschool is the 53rd Wiggles album which was released in Australia on February 6, 2015 by ABC Music. Distributed by Universal Music Group. It nominated the 2015 ARIA Music Awards for Best Children's Album but lost to Sam Moran Play Along with Sam's BOO!.

Song List

  1. Introduction to Rock & Roll Preschool (A Field, L Gillespie, S Pryce, E Watkins)
  2. Rock & Roll Preschool (ft. Lou Diamond Phillips)
  3. That's the Sound of Rock & Roll
  4. Introduction to Henry Likes Water
  5. Henry Likes Water
  6. Introduction to I Went to the Library
  7. I Went to the Library
  8. Introduction to Dance with Emma
  9. Dance with Emma
  10. Introduction to Jess' Song
  11. Jess' Song
  12. Introduction to Two Polite Elvises
  13. Two Polite Elvises
  14. Introduction to Mr. Wardrobe
  15. Mr. Wardrobe (ft. David Campbell)
  16. Introduction to Balla Balla Bambina
  17. Balla Balla Bambina
  18. Introduction to It's a Tickle Party
  19. It's a Tickle Party
  20. Introduction to Ballerina, Ballerina
  21. Ballerina, Ballerina
  22. Introduction to Ukulele Rock
  23. Ukulele Rock (ft. Robert Rakete)
  24. Introduction to Broccoli Bunch
  25. Broccoli Bunch
  26. The Story of Emma's Glasses
  27. Introduction to Wake Up!
  28. Wake Up!
  29. Introduction to Melbourne Amore
  30. Melbourne Amore
  31. Introduction to Riding My Bike
  32. Riding My Bike
  33. Goomy Galah
  34. Introduction to It's Okay to Cry
  35. It's Okay to Cry
  36. You Got the Drop
  37. Gooey, Gooey, Splidgy, Splodge, Splodge
  38. Introduction to I Want a Leather Jacket
  39. I Want a Leather Jacket
  40. Introduction to Irish Stew
  41. Irish Stew



  • Executive Producers: Murray Cook, Jeff Fatt, Anthony Field
  • Music Produced by Anthony Field
  • Music Recorded at Hot Potato Studios
  • Music Recorded and Mixed by Alex Keller
  • "Ukulele Rock" Recorded by Ben Hardie, Alex Keller
  • Mastered by Don Bartley
  • Production Manager: Kate Alexander
  • Graphic Design: Daniel Attard
  • Stills Photography: Aaron Hill
  • Songs written by: John Edward, Jeff Fatt, Anthony Field, John Field, Paul Field, Lachlan Gillespie, Anthony Henry, Alex Keller, Geoff Morrison, Tom McGlynn, Jae Nelson, Steve Pace, Simon Pryce, Alfonso Rinaldi, Robert Rakete, Traditional and Emma Watkins
  • Songs arranged by: Anthony Field, Lachlan Gillespie, Simon Pryce and Emma Watkins
  • Songs published by: Wiggly Tunes



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