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Sailing Around the World

Release Date

September 1, 2005

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Sailing Around the World is the 20th Wiggles video. It was released on September 1, 2005 in Australia, and on July 19, 2005 in the US. This video is a compilation of Sailing Around the World segments that appeared on TV Series 4, with their accompanying songs included.

This video was a critical failure when it came out, with a 2.5 out of 5 rating on Amazon as of 2016 because people didn't like the fact that The Wiggles weren't much of a focus in this video, and that Captain Feathersword and his crew were the main characters. The video has gained respect over the years, but it still has a fair share of hate and it is still the lowest rated Wiggles' video on Amazon.


Note: All songs are taken from the album of the same name, except where noted otherwise.

  1. Sydney Barcarolle
  2. Goldfish
  3. Here Come The Chicken (Wiggly Animation) (from Racing to the Rainbow)
  4. London Town
  5. Agapame tin Athena (We Love Athens)
  6. The Captain's Wavy Walk
  7. Sailing Around the World (Wiggly Animation)
  8. Sicily (I Want to Go)
  9. Mop Mop
  10. Let's Go! We're Riding in the Big Red Car (Wiggly Animation) (from It's a Wiggly, Wiggly World)
  11. Elbow To Elbow
  12. San Francisco Trolley Cart
  13. Fly Through The Sky (Wiggly Animation) (from Top of the Tots)
  14. Here We Go Mexico City!
  15. The Barrel Polka

Deleted Songs

Release Dates

Australia: September 1, 2005

United States: July 12, 2005

Filming Locations

  • Sydney, Australia
  • Hawaii (Deleted Scene)
  • London, England
  • Greece
  • Italy
  • Sicily
  • San Francisco, California
  • Mexico


Sydney Barcarolle
Here Come the Chicken
London Town
Agapame Tin Athena (We Love Athens)
The Captain's Wavy Walk
Sailing Around the World
Sicily (I Want to Go)
Mop Mop
Let's Go (We're Riding in the Big Red Car)
Elbow to Elbow
San Fransisco Trolley Cart
Fly Through the Sky
Here We Go Mexico City
The Barrel Polka
Deleted Scenes

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Promo Pictures

  • Captain and his friendly pirate crew
  • The S.S Feathersword
  • The S.S Feathersword
  • The Wiggles and Captain Feathersword
  • The Wiggly Group and Professor Singalottasonga
  • The S.S Feathersword in promo picture #3
  • Captain Feathersword
  • "Around the world we go!"
  • "Sailing Around the World"
  • "Sydney Barcarolle"
  • Goldfish-PromoPicture.jpg "Goldfish"
  • "Hula, Hula, Hula (Nothing Could Be Cooler)"
  • The Wiggles
  • Captain and the Friendly Pirate Crew
  • Captain and the Friendly Pirate Crew saluting
  • Captain and the Friendly Pirate Crew in British hats
  • "London Town"
  • Captain and the Friendly Pirate Crew in British hats
  • Murray and Jeff
  • "Agapame tin Athena (We Love Athens)"
  • Ben, Cathy and Lucy
  • Captain and the Friendly Pirate Crew
  • Elefterios in Greek clothes
  • "Sicily (I Want to Go)"
  • Captain and Alonfso
  • "Mop Mop"
  • Wags and Paul James
  • Wags and Paul James
  • Captain, Wags and Paul James
  • Captain and the Friendly Pirate Crew
  • The Friendly Pirate Crew
  • The Wiggles and Captain Feathersword
  • "Elbow to Elbow"
  • The Wiggly Mascots
  • "San Francisco Trolley Cart"
  • Ben and Caterina in Mexican outfits
  • Captain Feathersword in Mariachi clothes
  • "Here We Go Mexico City!"
  • Captain Feathersword and Alfonso
  • "The Barrel Polka"
  • Captain Feathersword
  • Captain Feathersword watching the sunset
  • The Wiggly Dancers
  • Greg dancing
  • Greg


  • The songs Sailing Around the World in a live-action style and Hula, Hula, Hula (Nothing Could Be Cooler) were filmed but they were removed and replaced with Wiggly Animation version of Sailing Around the World. The songs were still intended to be shown on television. Basically, this video is the introduction to Wiggly Animation.
  • Anthony's wife, Miki and baby daughter, Lucia appear in Sicily (I Want to Go).
  • The clips taken at the countries were filmed in full screen, while the rest of the video was filmed in widescreen so the clips taken at the countries included borders of the country's flag.
  • The songs and segments from this video can be seen in TV Series 4.
  • This is the second video to be focused on Captain Feathersword
  • This video reused one song from It's a Wiggly, Wiggly World and one Top of the Tots.
  • Here Come the Chicken didn't appear on the album, but made it's debut on the video. It later appears in the Racing to the Rainbow album and video.
  • The Video was released (In America) on July 19, 2005 before the album (In America) version was released on August 23, 2005
  • The Original US DVD Back Cover says the movie is 116 Minutes. This was later fixed on the Warner Home Video release.
  • In 2007, the US DVD was repackaged. The copyright date was changed and the disc remained the same.

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