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Sam Moran

Birth Name

Samuel Alexander Moran

Born April 4, 1978

Sydney, Australia


6'1 1/2" 1.87 m


Sam Wiggle


Lyn Moran (née Stuckey) (2006-present)

Children Eloise Isabella Moran

Years Active


Sam Moran (b. April 4, 1978) is the man who performed as the yellow wiggle that filled in for Greg from November 2006 to January 2012.

Sam is a long time friend of The Wiggles, who had appeared with them in many releases before he was the official Yellow Wiggle.

At the time of Greg's retirement, Sam was his understudy. Sam was selected as his replacement, a position he held for five years.

His first appearance was as a fireman and a pirate on Toot Toot! from 1998. Sam's first appearance as the yellow wiggle was the Australian version of Wiggledancing!. 'It's Always Christmas With You!' was the last DVD released featuring Sam as the yellow wiggle in Australia. In the USA, the final DVD released featuring Sam as the yellow wiggle was 'The Wiggles Big Birthday!' It was released months after Sam left The Wiggles. The Wiggles album and DVD 'Surfer Jeff' was originally recorded and filmed with Sam as the yellow wiggle, but it was never released.

Five years after his promotion to yellow Wiggle, Greg returned as the yellow Wiggle, after a return to health. Sam currently has his own TV show on Nick Jr. called Play Along with Sam.


Growing up in Wagga Wagga, Sam moved to Sydney to study classical voice and Music Education at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music under Robert Allman AM OBE. Here he was able to experience using music in classrooms and how your children respond to music in their development.

He has appeared as a vocalist in 'Haste to the Wedding', John Field's Australian musical 'Evie & the Birdman' and was cast as Jinx in the Australian premiere of 'Forever Plaid.' Other musical productions include 'Sunday in the Park with George', 'Sweeney Todd' and 'Seven Little Australians'.

Sam's first appearance for The Wiggles was in 1998, touring Australia, New Zealand & the USA as host of "The Dorothy the Dinosaur Show". But more recently has been appearing as Professor Singalottasonga, Dapper Dave, and A Wiggly Dancer in the TV series, DVDs and live shows. Sam also has provided vocals for and appeared in the Wiggles videos 'Toot, Toot!', 'Cold Spaghetti Western', ' Live Hot Potatoes', 'Santa's Rockin', 'Sailing All Round The World', a Wiggle appeared in the new 'Wake Up Jeff!', and 'Big Red Car!', Professor Singalottasonga appeared in 'Top of the Tots', 'Splish Splash Big Red Boat', 'Santa's Rockin', 'Pop Go the Wiggles' & 'Racing to the Rainbow'. He has also found a challenge providing additional vocals for the Spanish & Taiwanese Wiggles.

Sam has toured the world extensively as part of the Wiggles Live Show, including Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK, Hong Kong, China & Japan. Over this time, Sam understudied Greg Page and filled in as the yellow Wiggles for more than 150 shows before donning the yellow skivvy and taking on the role full time..

Sam is currently starring in his own children's show on Nick Jr. called Play Along with Sam. Sam From Emma


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