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"Simon" is the red Wiggle who replaced Murray in 2013. He and Lachy are the two main vocalists of the current generation.

Character Information

Unlike Murray, the original red wiggle, Simon does not play guitar but instead, he usually lead sings in new Wiggles' songs. He sings in a baritone and operatic voice. His favorite game to play is Simon Says. Whenever he doesn't say "Simon Says", he responds by saying "Whoops, I didn't say Simon Says".


  • Simon sings opera much like Sam Moran and Paul Paddick.
  • He has an off-screen relationship with Lauren Hannaford
  • He was an understudy for Murray before he was officially a Wiggle.
  • He was first involved in the cast as long ago as 2002-03 when sometimes he played Santa Claus.
  • He is afraid of cold water.
  • He got married to Lauren in 2017.
  • He is 14 years older than Lauren.
  • Unlike Emma and Lachy, Simon has never done a television show or released a DVD and album of his own.


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