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Sofia Silvestrini (b. August 27, 1988 in Sydney, Australia) is Anthony and Leonardo's sister and Anthony's niece. Today she's now a radio presenter.

About Sofia Silvestrini

Gender: Female

Aged: (5-9)

Favorite Color: Magenta

Birthday: August 27, 1988

Family: Lives with her brothers Anthony Silvestrini and Leonardo Silvestrini.

Hobbies: The Radio, Playing with her Dollhouse and Magazines.


Sofia Slivestrini's outfits

  • a crimson and navy blue checkerboard long sleeve shirt with a white collar, and a navy blue overall dress.
  • a grey sweater and a red and white checkerboard headband.
  • a white-blue shirt with a pink overall dress.
  • a white dance party dress.
  • a grey and black striped shirt with black pants.
  • a red and dark blue checkerboard long sleeve shirt, blue jeans, and a red headband on her hair.
  • a white holiday dress with flowers on it.
  • a reindeer costume.
  • a wise men costume.
  • a maroon and indigo checkerboard dress, and a sheep headband on her hair.


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