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Space Dancing!
AU VHS Cover

Release Date

3rd March 2003 (VHS)
17th March 2003 (DVD)(Australia)

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Wiggle Bay (2002)

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Whoo Hoo! Wiggly Gremlins! (2003)

Space Dancing! is the 14th Wiggles video. This is also the first full-length Wiggles video to feature the characters being animated in CGI (although previous videos featured animated music videos for the songs Caveland and Jimmy The Elf).

It only features 6 songs, the shortest amount of any Wiggles video.

Song List

  1. The Zeezap Song
  2. What's This Button For?
  3. Eagle Rock
  4. Fergus' Jig
  5. Dance Your Gloomies Away
  6. Going Home



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Main articles: Eagle Rock! (single), Wiggle Bay (album)

This video did not have an album companion of its own, but all 6 songs were included at the end of the Wiggle Bay album, and all songs except Fergus' Jig were included in the Eagle Rock single CD.


The Video

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Promo Pictures

  • The Wiggles promo picture from "What's This Button For?"
  • The Land Wiggly Group in promo picture from "Dance Your Gloomies Away"
  • The Wiggly Group in promo picture (as seen on the US front cover)
  • The Live-Action Wiggles and their small CGI selves in their hands in promo picture
  • A jigsaw puzzle

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Release Dates

  • Australia: 3rd March 2003 (VHS)
    17th March 2003 (DVD)
  • North America: September 9th 2003 (HiT Entertainment VHS/DVD)
    October 9th 2007 (Warner Home Video DVD)
  • United Kingdom: 18th Feburary 2008


  • Much of the background music is from TV Series 1, including Captain Feathersword's Theme and a new recording of Morty's Theme (also used in Taiwanese Wiggles TV series and videos).
  • The Wigglehouse Lounge Room looks different in this video: The carpet has a red and dark blue checker design and the fireplace has a Different design. The pictures on the wall have been changed as well.
  • Fergus' Jig was shortened.
  • This video marks the Fourth time Greg wears a blue shirt, the third time Jeff wears a red shirt, the second time Anthony wears a yellow shirt, and the second time Murray wears a purple shirt.
  • A song called "Heading In the Right Direction" is listed in the end credits. It may have been a deleted song that was never omitted from the credits.
  • Because there are only six songs in this video, there is no album of this. Instead all songs from the video are added to the end of the Wiggle Bay album
  • This video shows that The Wiggles look like CGI animated cartoons in Jeff's dreams but in videos such as Wiggly, Wiggly Christmas, TV special The Wiggles: Live at Disneyland, and Series 2 episode Wiggle Food, The Wiggles look normal in Jeff's dreams.