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"Spot The Dalmatian" is a song from the first Wiggles album in 1991.

Song Credits

  • Music, Lyrics & Original Idea: Anthony Field, John Field
  • Music Arrangement: Anthony Field
  • Lyrics Arrangement: Anthony Field, John Field
  • Publisher: EMI Music
  • Copyright: Universal Music Group


  • Lead Vocals - Greg Page
  • Backing Vocals - Murray Cook, Anthony Field, Greg Page, Phillip Wilcher
  • Bass - Murray Cook
  • Piano - Phillip Wilcher
  • Xylophone - Jeff Fatt


18 Spot the Dalmatian

Song Lyrics

Greg: Spot the Dalmatian lost all his spots.

A big wind came and blew them right off.

Now without spots, Spot he is not.

So when the wind spots, he'll look for his spots.

Wiggles: So when the wind stops, he'll look for his spots.

Phillip: Phil the Platypus lost his duck bill.

He lost it while singing at the foot of a hill.

Phil loves to sing the platypus song

But now all he sings is "Where's my bill gone?"

Wiggles: Now all he sings is "Where's my bill gone?"

Anthony: Old Zorick the Zebra lost all his stripes.

The rain washed them off, now Zorick's instriped.

Now without stripes, he looks like a horse.

Zorick would say, "I'm a zebra, of course!"

Wiggles: Zorick would say, "I'm a zebra, of course!"

(Instrumental break)

Murray: Now all we've said it's not really true.

There's a lesson for me and a lesson for you.

Treasure your spots, your stripes and your bills

And remember poor Spot, old Zorick and Phil.

Wiggles: Remember poor Spot, old Zorick and Phil.

Greg: Oh yeah.

Album Appearances

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