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March 1994

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Hey Let’s Go – The Best of the Cockroaches

"St. Patrick's Day 10am" was the fourth Cockroaches album.


  1. Dr. Richmond (J.Field / A.Field / J.Fatt)
  2. Do The Monkey (J.Field)
  3. I'll Die If I Don't Kiss You Tonight (J.Field)
  4. Va Va Va Voom (J.Field)
  5. St. Patrick's Day 10am (J.Field / P.Field)
  6. Round The World (J.Field)
  7. Love Is The Sweetest Thing (J.Field)
  8. Raise Your Hand (S.Cropper)
  9. Winona Ryder (A.Field)
  10. 57 Miles (J.Field)
  11. Hey Padre (J.Field / A.Field / J.Fatt)
  12. Funk (J.Field / A.Field)
  13. Lucy Don't Matter (J.Field / P.Field)



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