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"Take A Trip Out On The Sea" is a Wiggles song from Wake Up Jeff! and It's Time to Wake Up Jeff!. It was also sung as a lullaby in Go to Sleep Jeff.

Song Lyrics

Greg: The weather's great. Let's go for a ride in a boat.

(singing) Won't you come along with me?

We'll take a trip out on the sea.

Put on our safety vests and then

Wave to all our boating friends.

Row the boat out with your oar. (The Other Wiggles: Ooh-aaaah-aaah)

See the seagulls how they soar.

This is such a lovely day (Ooh-aaaah-aaah)

For floating on the ocean waves.

Oh, the sea's getting rough. (Getting rough)

I think we might have had enough. (Had enough)

Row the boat back to the shore. (To the shore)

Tomorrow, we will row once more.

(speaking) Keep on rowing. It's not much further. We're almost there.

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Album Appearances


  •  In Go to Sleep Jeff, the lyrics "Oh, the sea's getting rough" is changed to "Oh, the weather's getting rough".


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