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Tales of the Symphony Orchestra is a Wiggles song from The Wiggles Meet the Orchestra. It is also set to the tune of the Barcarolle by Offenbach.

Song Credits


  • Vocals - Lachlan Gillespie, Andrew Koblar, Simon Pryce
  • Backing Vocals - Anthony Field, Lachlan Gillespie, Andrew Koblar, Emma Watkins
  • First Violins - Peter Edwards, Sarah Curro, Jacqueline Edwards, Peter Fellin, Deborah Goodall, Lorraine Hook, Cameron Jamieson, Kirstin Kenny, Ji Won Kim, Eleanor Mancini, Anne Martonyi, Michelle Ruffolo and Kathryn Taylor
  • Second Violins - Matthew Tomkins, Monica Curro, Isin Cakmakcioglu, Francesca Hiew, Rachel Homburg, Christine Johnson, Isy Wasserman, Philippa West, Patrick Wong and Roger Young
  • Violas - Lauren Brigden, Katharine Brockman, Christopher Cartlidge, Ceridwen Davies, Gabrielle Halloran, Trevor Jones, Simon Oswell and Caleb Wright
  • Cellos - Nicholas Bochner, Miranda Brockman, Rohan de Korte, Keith Johnson, Sarah Morse, Angela Sargeant and Michelle Wood
  • Double Basses - Sylvia Hosking, Rohan Dasika, Benjamin Hanlon, Suzanne Lee and Stephen Newton
  • Flutes - Wendy Clarke, Sarah Beggs and Agatha Yim
  • Oboes - Ann Blackburn, Rachel Curkpatrick and Michael Pisani
  • Horns - Geoff Lierse, Saul Lewis, Abbey Edlin, Trinette McClimont and Rachel Shaw
  • Trumpets - Shane Hooton, Callum G'Froerer and Julie Payne
  • Percussion - Robert Clarke, John Arcaro and Robert Cossom
  • Harp - Yinuo Mu
  • Piano/Celeste - Louisa Breen and Amir Farid


Orchestra: (playing instrumental intro)

Anthony and Lachy: Orchestra, oh orchestra

Expressing what we feel

Makes us dance, laugh or sing

The musical is so real

Simon: An opera sounds so fine

Andy: I will keep you in time

1 and a 2 and a 1 and a 2

Simon: Oh, what a sight

All dressed up in black and in white


Orchestra: (playing instrumental break)

Anthony and Lachy: Sing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

Simon: Or sing an opera

Everybody: We all love the orchestra

The opera singer sings

Simon: (Vocalizing)

Everybody: And sings

Simon: (Vocalizing)

Everybody: Still sings

Simon: (Vocalizing)

Everybody: Sings

Simon: (Vocalizing)

Everybody: Sings

Simon: (Vocalizing)

Everybody: Sings

Simon: (Vocalizing)

Everybody: Sings

Simon: (Vocalizing)

Everybody: Orchestra

Behind the Scenes Footage

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