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"Teddy Bear Hug" is a Raffi song from his Everything Grows album released in 1987. The Wiggles sing it on their Yummy Yummy video and their Big Red Car album.

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14 Teddy Bear Hug

Song Lyrics

If you're looking for a buddy with a hug to share

And everyone around is too busy to care.

Don't you fuss and worry, don't you run and hide under the rug.

Just go and grab your teddy and give that bear a great big hug.

Teddy Bear Hug, when you really need a

Teddy Bear Hug, really soft and furry.

Teddy Bear Hug, Teddy's always ready

With a bear hug just for you.

There are big bears and small bears, short bears and tall bears

Mama bears and papa bears too.

There are brown bears and white bears, day bears and night bears.

Fuzzy bears and wuzzy bears all with a cuddle for you.



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