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The Chase is an instrumental Wiggles song. It has never appeared on an Australian/British album released, but appeared on the American release of Yummy Yummy. It is shown in The Wiggles Movie and during the credits sequence on each episode of TV Series 1 when The Wiggles are chasing each other. 



  • Sillyness

Songwriting (1997 Version)

The Wiggles came up an idea for writing chase music.

Rewriting (1998 Version)

The Wiggles rewrote this song for TV Series 1.



Arranging (1998 Version)

Murray, Jeff, Anthony, and Greg arranged the music for this song.

Recording (1997 Version)

Murray plays the bass and Jeff plays the organ.

Recording (1998 Version)

Murray plays the bass, electric and acoustic guitars along with Anthony, Jeff plays the organ, Paul plays the drums and Dominic plays the trumpet.

Song Credits


The Wiggles Movie Version

The Wiggles Movie Soundtrack Version (unreleased)

  • Bass - Murray Cook
  • Organ - Jeff Fatt

TV Series 1 Version

  • Bass/Electric Guitar - Murray Cook
  • Acoustic Guitar - Murray Cook, Anthony Field
  • Organ - Jeff Fatt
  • Drums - Paul Hester
  • Trumpet - Dominic Lindsay

Video Performances

Album Appearances

  • Yummy Yummy (American Version)

TV Appearances


  • Other parts of The Chase are used in The Wiggles Movie instead of the usual lot.
  • In the Series 1 intro, there is a balloon chase. But the full thing has never been found.
  • The CD versions runs 4 minutes longer than any of the video versions and fades out at the end.
  • the original version was supposed to appear in The Wiggles Movie Soundtrack, but it was later removed.


The Wiggles - The Chase01:12

The Wiggles - The Chase

Jeff's Keyboard Chase (without credits)

The Wiggles - Bucket and Spade Chase01:57

The Wiggles - Bucket and Spade Chase

Bucket and Spade Chase

The Wiggles - Butterfly Net Chase-301:32

The Wiggles - Butterfly Net Chase-3

Butterfly Net Chase

The Wiggles - Pink Towel Chase-101:14

The Wiggles - Pink Towel Chase-1

Pink Towel Chase

The Wiggles - Tennis Ball Chase01:41

The Wiggles - Tennis Ball Chase

Tennis Ball Chase

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