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The Chase is an instrumental Wiggles song. It has never appeared on an Australian/British album released, but appeared on the American release of Yummy Yummy. It is shown in The Wiggles Movie and during the credits sequence on each episode of TV Series 1 when The Wiggles are chasing each other. 

Video Performances

Album Appearances

  • Yummy Yummy (American Version)

TV Appearances


  • The first time we hear The Chase in The Wiggles Movie, it sounds slightly different than the version heard in TV Series 1 and Yummy Yummy. The second time it is played, it is another alternate version, this one played on the organ
  • In the Series 1 intro,There is a balloon chase but the full thing has never been found.


The Wiggles - The Chase01:12

The Wiggles - The Chase

Jeff's Keyboard Chase (without credits)

The Wiggles - Bucket and Spade Chase01:57

The Wiggles - Bucket and Spade Chase

Bucket and Spade Chase

The Wiggles - Butterfly Net Chase-301:32

The Wiggles - Butterfly Net Chase-3

Butterfly Net Chase

The Wiggles - Pink Towel Chase-101:14

The Wiggles - Pink Towel Chase-1

Pink Towel Chase

The Wiggles - Tennis Ball Chase01:41

The Wiggles - Tennis Ball Chase

Tennis Ball Chase

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