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The Chase is an instrumental Wiggles song. It has never appeared on an Australian/British album released, but appeared on the American release of Yummy Yummy. It is shown in The Wiggles Movie and during the credits sequence on each episode of TV Series 1 when The Wiggles are chasing each other. it was later adapted to Ribbon Toss. 

Song Credits

The Wiggles Movie

Yummy Yummy (US album)


The Wiggles Movie

Yummy Yummy (US album)

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  • Other parts of The Chase are used in The Wiggles Movie instead of the usual lot.
  • In the Series 1 intro, there is a balloon chase. But the full thing has never been found.
  • The CD versions runs 4 minutes longer than any of the video versions and fades out at the end.
  • the original version was supposed to appear in The Wiggles Movie Soundtrack, but it was later removed.
  • This song is played in a Q707 Toronto with Sam, Murray, and Captain Feathersword.