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The Cockroaches
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March 1987

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"The Cockroaches" was the first Cockroaches album.


  1. She's The One (John Field)
  2. It's Alright (John Field/Geoff Morrison)
  3. Some Kind Of Girl (John Field/Paul Field)
  4. I'll Come Running Back (John Field/Jeff Fatt)
  5. Double Shot (Of My Baby's Love) (Fitter/Smith)
  6. Wait Up (John Field/Geoff Morrison)
  7. Is It Any Wonder? (J. Field/P. Field)
  8. Heaven (J. Field/A. Field/J. Fatt)
  9. She Goes On And On (J. Field/J. Baldwin)
  10. Pour Out My Heart (J. Field/A. Field/J. Fatt)
  11. Poison Girl (J. Field/G. Morrison)
  12. Another Night Alone (J. Field)


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