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The Dreaming Song is a Wiggles song from Here Comes A Song.


The song is about a kookaburra, a kangaroo, a platypus.


Greg sings solo and plays the acoustic guitar, Murray plays the bass guitar and Chief Kabasa player, Jeff plays the xylophone, and Anthony plays the tin whistle and digeridoo.

Song Credits

  • Music, Lyrics and Arrangement: Anthony Field, John Field
  • Publisher: EMI Music



31 The Dreaming Song

Song Lyrics

(Didgeridoo intro)

Kookaburra's sleeping lilly-pilly

Kangaroo is snoring lilly-pilly

Platypus is curling up to rest.

(Instrumental break)

Kookaburra's flying in his dreaming

Kangaroo is bouncing in his dreaming

Platypus is swimming in his dreaming, too.

Greg: What do you dream about?

Album Appearances

TV Series

Dorothy the Dinosaur

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