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The Emma! & Lachy! Show
DVD cover


6th June 2018

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The Emma! & Lachy! Show is a Wiggles DVD that was released on 6 June 2018. 


  1. Welcome to the Emma & Lachy Show
  2. Emma & Lachy Theme
  3. Dance with Emma Ballerina
  4. The Giraffe
  5. The ABC Song
  6. Prince Purple
  7. Galloping Ballet
  8. Madam, Will You Walk?
  9. Emma's Music Box
  10. Let's Dance with the Fairies
  11. Let's Go Riding with Ponso the Pony (Live in concert)
  12. Phil the Fluter's Ball
  13. I'm Looking for a House (Wanted)
  14. Chapter 4 - Fusion
  15. Five Fingered Family
  16. Apusski Dusky
  17. Dance with the Dolls & Fairies
  18. Dream Song
  19. Mary Had a Little Lamb
  20. Cook It
  21. John Patrick
  22. Dial E for Emma
  23. Lachy's Goodbye
  24. Emma's Révérénce



Wiggly Performers

Child Performers
  • Kiera Chapple
  • Aila Collins
  • Caelan Collins
  • Norm Dall
  • Elke Devidas
  • Rani Devidas
  • Lucas Duran
  • Luana Duran
  • Sascha Horn
  • Zoe Horn
  • Piper Hough
  • Euen Kerr
  • Yeonwoo Kim
  • Sheena King
  • Padraic Lum
  • Ailie McDonagh
  • Sienna Micallef
  • Blake Paulley
  • Imogen Todd
  • Ryan Yeates


  • Directed by Anthony Field
    Additional Directors - Matt Govoni, Adam White
  • Produced by Paul Field
    Additional Producers - Matt Mitchell, Lou Mooney
  • Music Produced by Anthony Field, Lachlan Gillespie
  • Director of Photography - Aaron Hill
    Additional Director of Phototgraphy - Matt Govoni
  • Choreography - Caterina Mete, Emma Watkins
    Irish Choreography - Leanne Halloran
  • Production Managers - Carolina Christou, Clare Field
  • Post Production - Tim Cheeseman, Aaron Hill, Gerard Holmes, Leonardo Silvestrini, Yi Yin

Filming/Recording Locations

  • Hot Potato Studios, Sydney NSW (Studio sets)
  • Fagan Park, Sydney NSW (Outside)
  • Dreamworld, Gold Coast QLD (Wiggle House exterior)
  • The Arts Centre, Caloundra (Concert)

DVD Gallery

Release Dates

  • Australia/New Zealand - 6th June 2018
  • United States/Canada - July 17th 2018


  • This is the first video to focus on two Wiggles, rather than the whole group, or just one member.
  • Beginning with this video, Emma is given a new skivvy with lighter coloured v's and stripes.
  • This marks the first DVD since Live Hot Potatoes! to be released in Australia and New Zealand in a standard sized DVD snap case without a handle (not counting multi-disc sets like the 2-Disc Collection series and the TV Series 1, 2, and 3 collector's box sets).
  • This is the first current generation video where The Wiggles are not credited alphabetically by last name; Emma is credited first, Lachy second.
  • To celebrate this release, in early-August, The Wiggles will be releasing Dance With Emma Ballerina doll to Canada, USA, and a few other countries.
  • The Wags the Dog puppet from The Dorothy the Dinosaur and Friends Video is used in Phil the Fluter's Ball.
  • Dominic Lindsay cameos in Phil the Fluter's Ball.