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The Story Of Emma's Glasses is a story and song from Rock & Roll Preschool. Anthony narrates this story.

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Lyrics and Transcript

Anthony: The story of Emma's glasses. One day, at the Wiggle House, Emma was wearing her glasses to read her favorite book. But she couldn't see the pages clearly. She had another look; she couldn't see the pages clearly. She looked at Anthony and he was a blurry blue mess to her.

Emma: (singing) I woke up this morning

And I tried to read my book

It looked a little blurry so I took another look

The Male Wiggles: She woke up this morning

And she tried to read her book

It looked a little blurry so she took another look

Anthony: Emma took her glasses off and rubbed her eyes and had another look at Anthony. But, once again, all she saw was a blurry blue mess.

Emma: This is really quite perplexing

And I don't know what to do

Anthony, when I look at you all I see is blue

The Male Wiggles: This is quite perplexing in this ever-twisting plot

Maybe it is time to call the doc

Anthony: Emma really couldn't read her book. She couldn't see the other Wiggles in the Wiggle House. She didn't know what to do. Were her eyes troubling her? She wasn't sure? Was it the glasses? The only thing to do was call the optometrist, the eye doctor.

The Male Wiggles: Hello, Doctor

Doctor Spectacles

The eye specialist

We heard you're the best

Emma can't see clearly

Everything is blurry

We need your help

We need your help

Anthony: Doctor Spectacles was only too happy to come over right away to the Wiggle House and help out the Wiggle in distress with the blurry vision.

Simon: (as Doctor Spectacles) Oh, hello, Emma

Let me take a look

I heard you had some trouble trying to read your book

Emma: Hey there, Doctor, I cannot read my book

Everything is blurry, everywhere I look

Wiggles: Look, look (x4)

Doctor Spectacles: No worries, Emma, it's clear why you can't see

Your glasses are smudgy so here, have a wipee

Men: Wipe, wipe (x6)

Emma: Oh, yes, a wipe here. A little wipe there. This is quite fun actually when you get the hang of it. Ah, it's getting clearer. Hey, wow.

Anthony: Doctor Spectacles worked out it wasn't Emma's eyesight that was troubling her. Her glasses were all smudged and dirty. A little wipee, wipee, wipee made the glasses clean, clean, clean and Emma could see, see, see.

Emma: We have found an ending to this quite perplexing plot

My glasses are now clean; before they were not

All you have to do is a little cleansing wipe

Thank you, Doctor Spectacles

I can read day and night

Men: She can read day and night

Anthony: With Emma's glasses clean, she could read her lovely book. And she read her book and another book and another book. She looked at flowers and she had a wonderful day. And that's the end of the story.


  • The only difference is that the DVD version uses different dialogue spoken by Anthony.
  • The song was uploaded on The Wiggles' YouTube channel on November 23rd 2017.


The Wiggles The Story Of Emma's Glasses

The Wiggles The Story Of Emma's Glasses