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The Unforgotten Wiggles are 3 Wiggles that retired in 2012 altogether and replaced with The Replacement Wiggles but the people will remember them for always. They are JeffGreg and Murray. They are replaced by Emma, Lachy and Simon. But they still make cameos in stuff since their retirements.


  • They are also The Professional Wiggles. But since there's a very special fact about them, and that's retiring altogether after the Celebration Tour, then they are generally called "The Unforgotten Wiggles". But they can be professional as long as you include Captain Feathersword.
  • All three of their birthday months start with the letter J. Greg: January, Murray: June and Jeff: July.  
  • All three of them appeared in Taking Off! and Ready, Steady, Wiggle! in 2013.

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