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TV Series 1

Original airdate

May 7, 1998

Finale airdate

September 24, 1998

Debut episode

Anthony's Friend

Finale episode

Funny Greg

Followed by

TV Series 2

TV Series 1 is the first ever Wiggles TV Series. Though the episodes were filmed in 1997, the songs were filmed in 1997-1998, and the episodes aired the same year.



DVD cover


iTunes artwork

  1. Anthony's Friend
  2. Foodman
  3. Murray's Shirt
  4. Building Blocks
  5. Jeff The Mechanic
  6. Lilly
  7. Zardo Zap
  8. The Party
  9. Wiggle Opera
  10. Haircut
  11. Muscleman Murray
  12. Spooked Wiggles
  13. Funny Greg

Opening Intro

The show's opening consted of the trademark logo, the names of the actors' roles, and clips from the show. The credits were done in the characters' sole colours, and a lighter version.



There are three songs, one after the opening theme, one after the Wigglehouse scene, and one before the credits. The first seven episodes feature songs only from Wiggle Time and Yummy Yummy, while episodes 8, 9, also feature exclusive songs, episode 10 features 1 from Toot Toot!, and the last three episodes feature songs from a concert. The song titles for those not from Yummy Yummy either feature a Yummy Yummy-style song title, an exclusive S.S. Feathersword title banner, or just text floating across the screen (concert songs only). Toot Toot, Chugga Chugga, Big Red Car and Wake Up Jeff! were the only two songs not to feature a song title.

Numbers Rhumba, Teddy Bear Hug and Baby Beluga (concert) were taken off of the Series 1 Collector's Box Set DVD because they were not written by The Wiggles or anyone affiliated with them. However, they were kept for the iTunes releases.


Looking much like the Wigglehouse from The Wiggles Movie with an attached garage, these involve the main story with The Wiggles on an adventure. It even has the same door from The Wiggles Movie. It's the Wiggles' own segment.

Henry the Octopus Puppet Show

Henry's life in the sea out of a puppet.

It's Henry the OctopusThe FishettesJoey the CrabThe Catfish BrothersJacques the SharkTom the Purple Trout and Sam and Michael the Sea Snails' own segement

Narrated by Greg Page.

Henry's friends in the show who are The Fishettes, Joey the Crab, The Catfish Brothers, Jacques the Shark, Tom the Purple Trout and Sam and Michael the Sea Snails.

Episode Guide

Captain Feathersword's Pirate Show

Featuring Captain Feathersword and Wags as they go to places like Wags Kennel, The SS Feathersword Dock, Pirate Park, Slow Street and The Beach.

It's Captain Feathersword and Wags' own segment.

Kindergarten Text Types

Narrated by Dorothy the Dinosaur, these depict either a recount or description.

Series 1 Characters


  • Morty the invisible turtle (everyone can't see him)



Series Producers: Bridget Thompson and Nick Pike

Episode Producer: Paul Field

Production Completion: Paul Field

Series Director: Martin Murphy

Puppet Series Director: Graeme Haddon

Song Directors: Dean Covell and Chisholm McTavish

Choreographer: Leanne Halloran

Writers: Greg Truman, Paul Field and Maria Silvestrini

First Assistant Director: Kimberly Lipschus

First Assistant Director HTO: Sheryl Talmage

Continuity: Honor Bannister

Production Manager: Ian MacArthur

Production Assistants: Lou Porter, Karen Smith, Matt Acland and Kimberly Lipschus

Production Designer: Michelle Dado

Production Designer HTO: Adrienne Chisholm

Assitant Art Director: Juliet John

Art Dept Buyer & Props: Jane Shadbolt

Props Construction: RWE Couhourn and Hard Love

Set Construction: Greg Murphy Scenery

Head Scenic Painter: Gary Wade

Art Department Assistants: Narelle Wilson, Vaughan Alexander, Peter Baylor and Sarah Stokes

Puppet Construction: Balooga Puppets

Puppet Maintenance: Sheryl Talmage

Costumes: Maria Petrozzi and Nikki Harrington

Director of Photography: Borce Damcevski

Steadicam Operator: Borce Damcevski

Camera Operators: Murray Kelso, Jon Matthews, Barry Armstrong, Scott Preston, Martin Covell and Steve Rees

Camera Assistants: Jason Pangas, Grant Jordan and Hugh Thorpe

Lighting: Brad Landi, Scott Preston and Borce Damcevski

Lighting Assistant: Jeff Field

Gaffers: Ian Bosman and Scott Copeland

Assistant Gaffer: David Holmes

Sound Recordists: Scott Watkin-Sully, Chris Brook and Eric Putre

Studio Sound Assistants /: Paul Miskin

Boom Operators: Emma Jakovich and Matt Acland

Makeup & Hair: Jan Ziggenbein, Nicole Spiro, Adele Durno and Margaret Aston

Runner: Matt Acland

Signage: Evolution Signs

Catering: Set Menu

Wigs: Ascot Wigmakers

Studio: Zap Productions

Studio Painting: Peter Firminger

Graphics: Tony Melov

Additional Graphics: Swampmagic Pictures

Sound Mix: Tony Douglass

Post Production Supervisor: Chisholm McTavish

Editors: Steve Rees and Mark Tamone - Control Secret Headquarters

Sound Editors: Craig Abercrombie, Tony Douglass and Rohan Taylor

SFX Editor: Tony Douglass

Sound Design: ARCOM.


  • The Wigglehouse is the same house from The Wiggles Movie but it has a garage attached.
  • Garage scenes from the inside was never shown in the series except the original 1998 version of Toot Toot!.
  • In the Funny Greg episode, Wags had his 1st costume that he had from 1995-1996. In the Captain Feathersword Pirate Show episode called "The Beach". Later when Wags dried himself off in a dressing shed, the costume had changed to the 2nd one from (1997-1998) that he had in the rest of the series. It could have been possible that this was the first Captain Feathersword Pirate Show episode before "Tricks".
  • The Wigglehouse segments of "Muscleman Murray" and "Funny Greg", The Chases, The Music Videos for "Romp Bomp A Stomp", "Dorothy's Dance Party", "Wake up Jeff" and "O Epoe Tooki Tooki" and the Captain Feathersword's Pirate Show skits were the first things to be filmed for this series around mid 1997. (The first bit of filming after "The Wiggles Movie" was finished) The other 11 Wigglehouse segments were filmed closer to when "Wiggly, Wiggly Christmas" was filmed
  • In "Muscleman Murray", when the Penny Fleetwood comes to Wigglehouse, the house is pink (same with the Wigglehouse in The Wiggles Movie). In "Funny Greg", it is in the same episodes but for the rest of the episodes, the house is blue. This is because, these were the first two episodes filmed.
  • Kaz the Cat and the Kindergarten Text Types are in the same part of the episode, so they made 26 episodes to fit them in for Kaz the Cat first and the Kindergarten Text Types second. But the Kindergarden Text Types was also the replacement for Kaz the Cat.
  • The Wiggly Trivia questions were taken off of the DVD release.
  • In Funny Greg and Muscleman Murray, Greg wore a watch since he had it from 1991 to 1997.
  • In the theme song, footage of Murray from Big Red Car is shown.
  • Paul Field voices the trivia announcer during Wigglehouse segments.
  • Clips from "The Balloon Chase" and the 1997 version of "Romp Bomp a Stomp" are shown in the theme song, but strangely enough, none of the episodes of this season have them in it. Also, these are the only songs or chase scenes to appear in the opening.
  • Episodes such as Anthony's Friend, Murray's Shirt, Jeff the Mechanic, Wiggle Opera, Foodman, and Haircut were released on Playskool's Videonow Jr. PVDs.
  • The Wiggles made their American debut around the time this series aired.
  • This TV Series premiered on Seven Network on May 7, 1998. It was later broadcast on ABC in 1998 and on Disney Channel Australia in 1999 which is why the uncut version of the first season was only available on Seven Network itself. Also, the episodes were originally aired in a special order. Funny Greg was originally the first episode whereas Haircut was originally the last episode.
  • In the original 1998 version, there would be a commercial break after the Wiggly Trivia questions in the Wiggle House segment. The other commercial breaks that were on Channel 7 & Prime was after the Henry the Octopus skit and after Captain Feathersword's Pirate Show. After the commercials, a black screen would show the words "Part (2, 3, 4) of 4, The Wiggles episode #(whatever episode number it is) in light blue AdLib font, and the logo with the purple "i" from Wiggly, Wiggly Christmas would appear. Along with it, the same toy from the opening scene would have numbers counting down on its stomach, and when it stopped at 3, it went away, and the certain part of the episode started. This was known as The Wiggles' Countdown Clock and has only been found on the iTunes version of "Building Blocks". When the episodes were released on DVD there is no scene transition, just a cut because of those.
  • The Wiggles wore socks that matched their skivvies in all episodes, except Muscleman Murray and Funny Greg.


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