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TV Series 1

Original airdate

31 July 1998

Finale airdate

30 October 1998

Debut episode

Anthony's Friend

Finale episode

Funny Greg

Followed by

TV Series 2

TV Season 1 is the first ever Wiggles TV Series. Wigglehouse segments 'Funny Greg' and 'Muscleman Murray' were filmed earlier in 1997, as they are unique episodes. The Wigglehouse set bears many similarities to the one used in The Wiggles Movie. The rest were filmed in 1997. The songs are taken from the videos Yummy Yummy and Wiggle Time. 'The Party' and 'Wiggle Opera' include some songs filmed especially for the series in early 1997. The last three episodes exclusively feature live songs from a performance in early 1998. The series premiered on the Seven Network in Australia on 31 July 1998.

The episodes had a common run of segments, which ran thusly:

  1. Introduction
  2. Song
  3. Kaz the Cat (Kindergarten in other airings)
  4. Wigglehouse
  5. Song
  6. Henry the Octopus
  7. Captain Feathersword's Pirate Show
  8. Song
  9. Credits (Chase)

Season 1 Episodes


DVD cover


iTunes artwork

  1. Anthony's Friend
  2. Foodman
  3. Murray's Shirt
  4. Building Blocks
  5. Jeff the Mechanic
  6. Lilly
  7. Zardo Zap
  8. The Party
  9. Wiggle Opera
  10. Haircut
  11. Muscleman Murray
  12. Spooked Wiggles
  13. Funny Greg

Opening Intro

The shows theme was the second verse of 'Get Ready to Wiggle'. It introduced The Wiggles and The Wiggles' Friends. It included a lot of alternate takes or unused footage such as a Balloon Chase and a video for 'Romp Bomp a Stomp' which looks to have been filmed at the same time as 'Dorothy's Dance Party' from The Party and 'Wake Up Jeff' and 'O Epoe Tooki Tooki' from Wiggle Opera. The opening was unchanged throughout the series.



There are three songs, one after the opening theme, one after the Wigglehouse scene, and one before the credits. The first seven episodes feature songs only from Wiggle Time! and Yummy Yummy, while episodes 8, 9, also feature exclusive songs, episode 10 features 1 from Toot Toot!, and the last three episodes feature songs from a concert. The song titles for those not from Yummy Yummy either feature a Yummy Yummy-style song title, an exclusive S.S. Feathersword title banner, or just text floating across the screen (concert songs only). Toot Toot, Chugga Chugga, Big Red Car and Wake Up Jeff! were the only two songs not to feature a song title.

Numbers Rhumba, Teddy Bear Hug and Baby Beluga (concert) were taken off of the Series 1 Collector's Box Set DVD because they were not written by The Wiggles or anyone affiliated with them. However, they were kept for the iTunes releases.

Kaz the Cat

A short scene featuring Kaz the Cat, Max Mouse, Benjamin Bird and their friend, Carolyn. It has its own unique theme song, sung by Anthony Field and Carolyn Ferrie


Looking much like the Wigglehouse from The Wiggles Movie with an attached garage, these involve the main story with The Wiggles. It even has the same door from The Wiggles Movie. The theme song is a clip from Get Ready to Wiggle.

Henry the Octopus

Henry's life in the sea out of a puppet.

Its theme song is a short adaption of the song, Henry the Octopus. It is narrated by Greg Page.

Henry's friends in the show include The Fishettes, Joey the Crab, The Catfish Brothers, Jacques the Shark, Tom the Purple Trout and Sam and Michael the Sea Snails.

Episode Guide

Captain Feathersword's Pirate Show

Featuring Captain Feathersword and Wags as they go to places like Wags Kennel, The SS Feathersword Dock, Pirate Park, Slow Street and The Beach. The theme song is an adpatation of It's a Christmas Party on the Goodship Feathersword.



  • Series Producers: Bridget Thompson and Nick Pike, Paul Field (Episode)
  • Production Completion: Paul Field
  • First Assistant Director: Kimberly Lipschus, Sheryl Talmage (Puppet)
  • Continuity: Honor Bannister
  • Production Manager: Ian MacArthur
  • Production Assistants: Lou Porter, Karen Smith, Matt Acland and Kimberly Lipschus
  • Production Designer: Michelle Dado, Adrienne Chisholm (Puppet)
  • Assitant Art Director: Juliet John
  • Art Dept Buyer & Props: Jane Shadbolt
  • Props Construction: RWE Couhourn and Hard Love
  • Set Construction: Greg Murphy Scenery
  • Head Scenic Painter: Gary Wade
  • Art Department Assistants: Narelle Wilson, Vaughan Alexander, Peter Baylor and Sarah Stokes
  • Puppet Construction: Balooga Puppets
  • Puppet Maintenance: Sheryl Talmage
  • Costumes: Maria Petrozzi and Nikki Harrington
  • Camera Operators: Murray Kelso, Jon Matthews, Barry Armstrong, Scott Preston, Martin Covell and Steve Rees
  • Camera Assistants: Jason Pangas, Grant Jordan and Hugh Thorpe
  • Lighting: Brad Landi, Scott Preston and Borce Damcevski
  • Lighting Assistant: Jeff Field
  • Gaffers: Ian Bosman and Scott Copeland
  • Assistant Gaffer: David Holmes
  • Sound Recordists: Scott Watkin-Sully, Chris Brook and Eric Putre
  • Studio Sound Assistants/Boom Operators: Paul Miskin, Emma Jakovich and Matt Acland
  • Makeup & Hair: Jan Ziggenbein, Nicole Spiro, Adele Durno and Margaret Aston
  • Runner: Matt Acland
  • Signage: Evolution Signs
  • Catering: Set Menu
  • Wigs: Ascot Wigmakers
  • Studio: Zap Productions
  • Studio Painting: Peter Firminger
  • Graphics: Tony Melov
  • Additional Graphics: Swampmagic Pictures
  • Sound Mix: Tony Douglass
  • Post Production Supervisor: Chisholm McTavish
  • Editors: Steve Rees and Mark Tamone - Control Secret Headquarters
  • Sound Editors: Craig Abercrombie, Tony Douglass and Rohan Taylor
  • SFX Editor: Tony Douglass
  • Sound Design: ARCOM.


  • The series was shown each week on Channel 7, first airing on Friday at 3:30pm and then repeating on Saturday at 10:30am.
  • The series was later shown on the ABC in 1998 and on the Disney Channel in 1999, which means that the Kaz the Cat segments were replaced by Dorothy narrating a kindergarten scene. Maybe that's why The Wiggles didn't ask permission to use the Kaz the Cat segments.
  • In the original aired versions, commercial breaks would appear in between Wiggly Trivia, after the Henry the Octopus segments, and after the Pirate Show segments. The iTunes version of Building Blocks contains a placeholder not aired or seen anywhere else in place of all these commercial breaks, containing the Toy from Wiggly, Wiggly Christmas counting down to the episode starting back up.
    • The Wiggly Trivia questions were taken off of the DVD release, due to the lack of commercial breaks.
  • Paul Field voices the trivia announcer during Wigglehouse segments.
  • In the theme song, footage of Murray from Big Red Car is shown, specifically from his introduction to Georgia's Song and Can You (Point Your Fingers and Do the Twist?)
  • Clips from "The Balloon Chase" and the 1997 version of "Romp Bomp a Stomp" are shown in the theme song, but strangely enough, none of the episodes of this season have them in it. Also, these are the only songs or chase scenes to appear in the opening.
  • The Wigglehouse is the same house from The Wiggles Movie but it has a garage attached.
    • The garage's inside was never shown in the series, though it was in the original 1998 version of Toot Toot!.
  • Funny Greg and Muscleman Murray were the first episodes filmed, due to Greg wearing the watch he always wore from 1991 to 1997 and the Wigglehouse being pink in both, like it was in The Wiggles Movie.
    • Additionally, The Wiggles wore socks that matched their skivvies in all episodes, except Muscleman Murray and Funny Greg, where they wore black socks.
    • In Funny Greg's Pirate Show segment, "The Beach", Wags had his 1st costume from 1995-1996, but only for the first half, so they can make a witty joke about Wags drying off at the beach.
  • This was the second Wiggles series aired in America, specifically in 2002, since Playhouse Disney premiered their newer series first in 2001.
  • Every episode is named after a Wigglehouse segment.


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