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TV Series 2

Original Airdate

January 27, 1999

Finale Airdate

July 25, 2000

Debut episode

Wiggle Food

Finale episode

It's a Wiggly, Wiggly World!

Preceded by

TV Series 1

Followed by

TV Series 3

The Wiggles - TV Series 2 was The Wiggles' 2nd TV Series filmed in 1999 and aired in that year until 2000. It was shown on the same channels as its predecessor. It was renewed when "Toot Toot!" was released and filming started after Thanksgiving. This aired on Playhouse Disney before TV Series 1.

It featured songs from the 4 videos that came out before it, Wiggle Time (re-recording), Yummy Yummy (re-recording), Toot Toot!, and The Wiggly Big Show. It also featured a few songs from Big Red Car and Wake Up Jeff! re-shot in the style of the episodes.



iTunes artwork

  1. Food
  2. Counting and Numbers
  3. Dancing
  4. Your Body
  5. Play
  6. Multicultural
  7. Music & Musical Instruments
  8. Hygiene
  9. Storytelling
  10. Dressing Up
  11. Safety
  12. Friends
  13. Animals
  14. Directions
  15. Manners
  16. History
  17. Family
  18. Movement
  19. Nutrition
  20. Travel
  21. Playtime
  22. The Body
  23. Communication
  24. Work
  25. Imagination
  26. Cows and Ducks
  27. It's a Wiggly, Wiggly World


The Series 2 opening features a bee pollinating a flower in Dorothy's garden to reveal the logo. Then the camera zooms down towards the characters: first Dorothy the Dinosaur, who sets the bee free, then the camera zooms down towards Wags the Dog's house, who is literally watching the Waggettes' rolling act. The camera then zooms past a crossroad and Captain Feathersword's dock. The camera zoom towards Henry the Octopus' house, whose dialog is: "Hi, everybody! Whoa!". A seagull bursts out and flies toward Wigglehouse, where The Wiggles either greet the viewers with a walk down, dance or wave.


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