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Go Bananas

"The Wiggles Go Bananas" is The Wiggles' album released in 2009 featuring songs all about animals! 100% of the donations of royalties of the song Monkey Man featuring Kylie Minogue went to UNICEF Australia. It won the 2009 ARIA Music Awards for Best Children's Album.


  1. Intro
  2. Monkey Man (Featuring Kylie Minogue)
  3. The Chicken Walk
  4. Kangaroo Jumping
  5. Bless You, Bless You, Bonnie Bee
  6. The Unicorn (Featuring Morgan Crowley)
  7. The Monkey, The Bird And The Bear
  8. Little Robin Redbreast
  9. The Dingle Puck Goat
  10. One Monkey Who
  11. Wags The Dog Is Chasing His Tail
  12. Cock-A-Doodle-Doo
  13. The Lion Is King
  14. Rusty The Cowboy (Featuring John Waters)
  15. Sing, Sing!
  16. The Poor King
  17. Here Comes A Camel
  18. Dickory, Dickory, Dare
  19. Frankie The Blue-Eyed Koala
  20. I'm A Scary Tiger
  21. Hodley Podley
  22. Standing Like A Statue
  23. Kangaroo, Kangaroo, What Do You See?
  24. Tassie Devil
  25. Once I Saw A Little Bird
  26. Hippo, Hippo!



  • Producer: Anthony Field
  • Arrangers: Sam Moran, Murray Cook, Anthony Field, Jeff Fatt, John Field and Paul Paddick
  • Composers: Alfonso Rinaldi, Sam Moran, Murray Cook, Anthony Field, Jeff Fatt, John Field, Paul Field, Frederick Hibbert, Dominic Lindsay, Paul Paddick, Johnny Patterson, Shel Silverstein and John Waters
  • Lyricist: Shel Silverstein
  • Engineer: Alex Keller
  • Artists: John Waters and Kylie Minogue
  • Mastering: Robin Gist



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