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"The Wiggles Puppets" are puppets modeled after The Wiggles characters. They have high pitched voices and characterization modeled after Alvin and the Chipmunks. They first appeared in Toot Toot!. They also appeared in The Wiggles 1999 TV Series. The puppets were created in 1998 when they did a music video of Wigglemix, which was a track from The Wiggles Movie Soundtrack. There biggest apperence was in "The Dorothy the Dinosaur and Friends" Video in which they sang all the songs in it.



  • Many people find them creepy and horrific. Especially "Wigglemix". Judging their eyes, facial shapes and details, their puppetry, and how they move their mouths, they don't look child-friendly or human-like.
    • Thanks to this, Wigglemix has become a long-time Internet meme (or viral video) since 2007.
  • They are well-known for getting into little childrens' nightmares!