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Toot Toot!
The original Toot Toot! album design.


February 10, 1998 (Australia)
December 20, 2000 (America)
June 24, 2003 (UK)


December 1997


Children's music


ABC (Australia)
Lyrick Studios (America)
Koch Records (UK)


The Wiggles



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"Toot Toot" is the 9th Wiggles album, which was released in 1998. It won the 1998 ARIA Music Awards for Best Children's Album. The accompanying video was released on October 17, 1998.


  1. Toot Toot, Chugga Chugga, Big Red Car 2.22
    M.Cook/J.Fatt/A.Field/G.Page (Wiggly Tunes)
  2. Look Both Ways 1.42
    J.Field/M.Cook/J.Fatt/A.Field/G.Page (Wiggly Tunes)
  3. Dorothy The Dinosaur (Tell Me Who Is
    That Knocking?
    M.Cook/J.Fatt/A.Field/G.Page (Wiggly Tunes)
  4. Food Poem 0.12
    M.Cook/J.Fatt/A.Field/G.Page (Wiggly Tunes)
  5. Food Food Food (Oh How I Love My Food)
    2.08 J.Field (Wiggly Tunes)
  6. John Bradlelum 1.14
    Trad, Arr The Wiggles (Wiggly Tunes)
  7. Captain Feathersword's Raincoat Story 0.56
    M.Cook/J.Fatt/A.Field/G.Page (Wiggly Tunes)
  8. Go Captain Feathersword, Ahoy! 2.13
    J.Field/M.Cook/J.Fatt/A.Field/G.Page (Wiggly Tunes)
  9. Bathtime 2.09
    Raffi (Homeland)
  10. Wah Hoo Hey, I'm Combing My Hair Today 2.00
    M.Cook/J.Fatt/A.Field/G.Page (Wiggly Tunes)
  11. Head, Shoulders, Knees And Toes 2.23
    Trad, Arr The Wiggles (Wiggly Tunes)
  12. Silver Bells That Ring In The Night 2.12
    Madden / Wenrich (Alberts)
  13. Zardo Zap 2.41
    M.Cook/J.Fatt/A.Field/G.Page (Wiggly Tunes)
  14. Henry The Octopus 1.26
    M.Cook/J.Fatt/A.Field (EMI)
  15. Move Your Arms Like Henry 1.49
    P.Field (Wiggly Tunes)
  16. Do the Wiggle Groove 2.18
    J.Field/M.Cook/J.Fatt/A.Field/G.Page (Wiggly Tunes)
  17. Balla Balla Intro 0.15
  18. Balla Balla Bambina - 2:10
    A Rinaldi (Wiggly Tunes)
  19. I Climb Ten Stairs 1.13
    M.Cook/J.Fatt/A.Field/G.Page (Wiggly Tunes)
  20. We're Dancing With Wags The Dog 1.22
    M.Cook/J.Fatt/A.Field/G.Page (Wiggly Tunes)
  21. Wags The Dog, He Likes To Tango 1.04
    M.Cook/J.Fatt/A.Field/G.Page (Wiggly Tunes)
  22. Captain Feathersword Fell Asleep On His Pirate Ship 1.55
    M.Cook/J.Fatt/A.Field/G.Page (Wiggly Tunes)
  23. Rocket - 1.50 M.Cook/J.Fatt/A.Field/G.Page (Wiggly Tunes)
  24. Officer Beaple's Dance 1.41
    D.Lindsay/M.Cook/J.Fatt/A.Field/G.Page (Wiggly Tunes)
  25. Let's Have A Ceili 2.04
    D.Lindsay (Wiggly Tunes)

Release Dates

  • Australia (original): February 10th 1998
  • Australia (re-release): 1999
  • America (original): December 20th 2000
  • America (re-release): June 24th 2003



  • Despite Bathtime and Silver Bells that Ring in the Night not being included in the US CD or cassette, they are available still available on the iTunes and Amazon MP3 versions in the US.
  • One of the photos are from The Wiggles (TV Series 1). In it, it shows The Wiggles in the Big Red Car. The original cover shows an animated version of Dorothy at her garden.
  • The song Henry the Octopus was re-recorded and rewritten for this album.
  • For some reason, Jeff Fatt is uncredited for playing the keyboards for this album.
  • The song Quack Quack is now changed to Captain Feathersword Fell Asleep on his Pirate Ship.
  • Because Zardo Zap runs 2:41, an introduction was added before the song.
  • All of the songs were recorded in 1997.
  • The 1998 versions of Henry the Octopus and Captain Feathersword Fell Asleep on his Pirate Ship appear on the The 1998 edition of the Wiggle Time video.
  • The US version of the album was made in 2000.
  • During the production of the this album, The Wiggles invited Paul Hester to record drum tracks for songs.
  • The songs were written in 2 weeks.
  • On the song credits for Look Both Ways, Go Captain Feathersword, Ahoy!, and Do the Wiggle Groove, John Field's name is listed first before The Wiggles'.
  • the people that are involved with the songs didn't have their roles credited like such as written by / published by.
  • this was the first wiggles album to feature Mark Punch on backing vocals.
  • this was the only wiggles album to feature Tony Douglass on guitar and Paul Hester on drums.
  • this was the last wiggles album to feature Kevin Bennett on backing vocals.

Cover Art

Album Booklet

1998 AU Release

1999 AU Release

US 2000 Release

US 2003 Release

Sampler Version



In the US, a 3 song sampler CD of Toot Toot! was sold with some copies of Wiggly Play Time. The sampler was in a cardboard slipcase, and it featured the cover art similar to the US VHS and DVD, rather than the US album art.


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