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Song by Greg Page
Album: Yummy Yummy
Released: 1994
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"Walk" is a song about many different ways to move.

Song Lyrics

Walk, On your way to school

Walk, To the swimming pool

Walk, To your favourite park

Walk, But not after dark

Walk, everywhere

Run, Right around the block

Run, In your shoes and socks

Run, With your knees up high

Run, When you're feeling fine

Run, everywhere

We can move in many different ways.

We can walk and run and jump all day.

Jump, Like a kangaroo

Jump, Over to the zoo

Jump, Up two flights of stairs

Jump, High up in the air

Jump, everywhere

Walk, walk, walk, walk

Ahhhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhh.

Walk, walk, walk, walk

Ahhhhhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhh.

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