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TV Series 9



Original run

July 4, 2016


February 2015 - February 2016

Preceded by

Ready, Steady, Wiggle! (TV Series)

Followed by


Running time

5 minutes

Wiggle Town is the ninth Wiggles TV Series. It premiered on the 4th July on ABC Kids at 7:25am. Each episode is 5 minutes long, making it the shortest Wiggles TV Series to date. The show is based on the Wiggles 2016 release, Wiggle Town (video).


  1. The Wonder of Wiggle Town
  2. Twinkle Twinkle
  3. Ballet Time
  4. Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, Turn Around
  5. Emma's Riding Boots
  6. Wiggly Concert
  7. Wiggle Express
  8. Wiggletto
  9. Do the Pretzel
  10. Come On Down To Wiggle Town
  11. Let's Irish Dance
  12. Wags Loves to Tango
  13. Little Dingo
  14. Dance Dance!
  15. Irish Stew
  16. Romp Bomp a Stomp
  17. Henry Likes Water
  18. Opera Singing
  19. Officer Beeples
  20. I Went to the Library
  21. Toot Toot Chugga Chugga
  22. Fruit Salad
  23. Rock-a-Bye Your Bear
  24. Hot Potato
  25. The Sidewalks of New York
  26. Here Comes a Bear
  27. D-I-N-G-O
  28. Dogs, Cats, Bunnies and Fish
  29. Emma's Yellow Bow
  30. Wiggly Arena
  31. Joannie
  32. Little Sir Echo
  33. Buzz, Buzz!
  34. Rock & Roll Preschool
  35. Lavenders Blue
  36. Tap Dancing Time
  37. Say the Dance, Do the Dance
  38. It's a Beautiful Day
  39. Simon Says
  40. Yummy Yummy
  41. Apples and Bananas
  42. Wiggle Town Dancing Police
  43. Laugh, Draw, Sing Anything
  44. The Little Boat
  45. Broccoli Bunch
  46. Police Plies
  47. Wobbly Camel
  48. I'm Going To Ride My Bike Today
  49. Piano Party
  50. Do the Propeller
  51. It's Okay To Cry
  52. Springtime





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