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Wiggle Town is a DVD, released by The Wiggles and was released on March 2, 2016 in Australia, and was released in the US and Canada on August 9th, 2016.



  1. The Wonder of Wiggle Town
  2. Di Dicki Do Dum
  3. D-I-N-G-O
  4. Do the Pretzel
  5. Gymkhana Yodel
  6. Dorothy Pas De Deux
  7. Beeples, Beeples
  8. Wiggle Express
  9. Taba Naba
  10. Captain's Barnyard Dance
  11. Mosquito
  12. Irish Stew
  13. Springtime (Australia version only)
  14. The Wiggle Town Dancing Police Force
  15. The Little Boat
  16. Riding Boots
  17. Two Strong Men
  18. Lavenders Blue
  19. On the Sidewalks of New York
  20. Come On Down to Wiggle Town
  21. Goodbye from Wiggle Town!


The Wiggles

The Wiggly Friends

Special Guest

The Wiggly Performers

Additional Guest Performers


  • Despite credited as the voice of Dorothy and Wags in this video, Paul Paddick does only Henry's voice in this video. In other words, Dorothy and Wags do not speak in this video.
  • This Wiggles video marks the first time in 19 years since The Wiggles Movie to have Officer Beaples speak.


Animated Intro
The Wonder of Wiggle Town
Di Dicki Do Dum
Gymkhana Yodel
Dorothy Pas De Deux
Beeples, Beeples
Wiggle Express
Taba Naba
Captain's Barnyard Dance
Irish Stew
The Wiggle Town Dancing Police Force
The Little Boat
Riding Boots
Two Strong Men
Lavenders Blue
On the Sidewalks of New York

Behind the Scenes

Promo Pictures

  • The Wiggles
  • The Wiggles and Alexandra Wharton
  • "The Wonder of Wiggle Town"
  • Emma, Anthony, Officer Beaples, Andy and Dom
  • "The short are tall, the tall are short"
  • "The fishes fish, the men get caught"
  • Daniel as a Fish
  • Emma and Simon
  • Clare as a sheep
  • Dominic as a sad clown
  • Professor Simon
  • Emma's tall shoe
  • Emma and Officer Beaples
  • Tall Emma and Short Simon
  • Anthony and Daniel the Fish
  • Andy, Anthony and Dom
  • The Male Wiggles playing music
  • The Wiggles, Patrick and Officer Beaples
  • The Wiggles, Lucia and Antonio
  • Caterina, Leanne and the kids
  • "Let's Irish Dance Dicki Do Dum"
  • The Wiggles, Caterina, Leanne and Donna
  • The Male Wiggles
  • The Wiggles, Dorothy and the kids
  • The Wiggles and Pablo Munoz
  • The Wiggle Town Cast and Crew
  • The Male Wiggles
  • "Let's Irish Dance Dicki Do Dum"
  • Emma and the kids Irish dancing
  • "D-I-N-G-O"
  • Behind the Scenes: "D-I-N-G-O"
  • Anthony and the dingoes
  • Anthony and the dingoes
  • The Wiggles and the old car
  • The Wiggles and the dingoes
  • The Wiggles and a dingo
  • The Wiggles and a dingo
  • The Wiggles and a dingo
  • Dominic and the dingoes
  • Emma feeding the dingo
  • The Wiggles at an old car in Dreamworld
  • Anthony and the dingoes
  • The Wiggles cheerleading "D-I-N-G-O"
  • The Wiggles jumping while holding their pom-poms
  • Emma and Anthony playing music
  • Emma and Anthony playing music
  • Lachy and Emma playing music
  • Emma and Anthony playing music
  • "Do the Pretzel"
  • Behind the Scenes: "Do the Pretzel"
  • "Do the Pretzel"
  • Clare, Andy and Dominic
  • The Wiggles putting their hands on their hips as pretzels
  • The Wiggles and the pretzel sellers
  • Andy, Lachy, Dominic, Simon and Clare
  • The Wiggles playing their instruments
  • The Wiggles, Clare, Dominic and Andy
  • Simon as a cowboy
  • "Gymkhana Yodel"
  • The Wiggles, Maria Field and Joy McKean
  • The Wiggles and Joy McKean
  • Maria, Emma and Joy
  • Anthony and Alexandra Wharton
  • "Dorothy Pas De Deux"
  • Lachy and Dorothy
  • The Male Wiggles
  • "Beeples, Beeples"
  • Emma, Anthony and Officer Beaples
  • Emma and Officer Beaples
  • Simon, Anthony and Officer Beaples
  • Officer Beaples
  • Alexandra in the Big Red Car
  • Emma and Officer Beaples
  • The Wiggles and Officer Beeples
  • The Wiggles in the Big Red Car
  • Lucia, Anthony and Antonio
  • Lucia, Maria and Antonio
  • Caterina Mete
  • Dominic as a policeman
  • "Wiggle Express"
  • Behind the Scenes: "Wiggle Express"
  • The floor set
  • The set of the Wiggle Express station
  • Caterina doing the choreography
  • Anthony
  • The Wiggles
  • The Wiggles on the Wiggle Express
  • The Wiggles and Captain on the Wiggle Express
  • "Taba Naba Style!"
  • Lachy, Emma, Christine Anu and the Taba Naba dancers
  • Lachy, Emma and the Taba Naba dancers
  • Emma, Christine Anu and Anthony
  • Emma and Christine Anu
  • The Wiggles and Christine Anu
  • Paul, Dominic and Christine
  • Caterina and Christine
  • Emma, Kuiam, Christine, Dominic and Seren
  • "Captain's Barnyard Dance"
  • The Male Wiggly Humans
  • Captain Feathersword
  • Captain Feathersword
  • The Wiggles and Captain
  • "Mosquito"
  • Deleted Scene: Lachy sleeping in bed
  • Lachy and Dominic the Mosquito
  • "Irish Stew"
  • Lachy as the son and Emma as Ma
  • The Wiggles in the Wiggle House kitchen
  • Emma as Ma cooking Irish Stew
  • Emma as Ma
  • Behind the Scenes: "Springtime"
  • Behind the Scenes: Emma holding her rainbow skirt
  • "Springtime"
  • The Wiggles looking through the flower window
  • Emma and Andy
  • Behind the Scenes: Springtime"
  • Emma and Andy
  • Emma and Andy
  • "The Wiggle Town Dancing Police Force"
  • "The Little Boat"
  • Lachy and Simon
  • Lachy and Anthony on the little boat
  • The Replacement Wiggles
  • Lachy
  • "Riding Boots"
  • Anthony and Lachy playing the trumpets
  • Behind the Scenes: "Riding Boots"
  • Emma and Billy the Horse
  • Emma at the Wiggle Town Stables
  • Emma and Billy the Horse
  • Emma riding on Billy the Horse
  • Emma wearing her riding boots
  • Behind the Scenes: "Two Strong Men"
  • Lachy and Emma twirling ribbons
  • "Two Strong Men"
  • Anthony and Simon as ringmasters
  • "Lavenders Blue"
  • Emma ballet dancing
  • Emma and the ballet dancers
  • Lachy playing his keyboard
  • Behind the Scenes: "Lavenders Blue"
  • Emma and the ballet dancers
  • Emma ballet dancing
  • Behind the Scenes: "On the Sidewalks of New York"
  • "On the Sidewalks of New York"
  • Anthony and Lachy playing music
  • "On the Sidewalks of New York"
  • "Come On Down to Wiggle Town"
  • The Wiggles
  • The Wiggles riding on Dorothy's teacups
  • Emma, Officer Beeples, Andy and Dom
  • Dorothy and Henry
  • Emma
  • The Wiggles in the Big Red Car
  • Lachy riding on Dorothy's teacup
  • Lachy at Wiggle Town
  • Anthony, Dan the Fish and Simon
  • Andy, Emma, Dominic and Officer Beeples
  • Anthony, Dan the Fish and Simon
  • The Male Wiggles
  • "Goodbye from Wiggle Town"
  • "Goodbye from Wiggle Town"
  • The Wiggles and Frank Mathney
  • a Man painting the set
  • The Backdrop of Wiggle Express
  • The Backdrop of Beaples,Beaples
  • The Backdrop of Come on Down to Wiggle Town

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