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TV Series 6





Created by

The Wiggles

Original Network

ABC Kids

Opening Theme

Wiggle and Learn

Closing Theme

Goodbye From The Wiggles

Original airdate

April 2
(We Feel Like Dancing)

Final airdate

April 19
(Three Little Kittens)

Preceded by

TV Series 4 & 5

Followed by

TV Series 7 & 8

Wiggle and Learn is The Wiggles' 6th TV series filmed from 2007 to 2008. It featured songs from Getting Strong!, Pop Go The Wiggles!, You Make Me Feel Like Dancing, and Sing a Song of Wiggles. In Latin America, the series is called "Wiggle y Aprende", and in Brazil, the series is called "Wiggle e Aprenda".

To find out about another original version that was filmed in 2006 with Greg Page as the yellow Wiggle, see here.



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Like the previous 3 series/seasons, the show exists in 2 versions. 11-minute versions aired on ABC in Australia and later on Sprout in the US, and 22-minute versions aired on Playhouse Disney in Australia and the USA and Treehouse TV in Canada. 18 of the (most likely) 18 episodes of the 11-minute versions were released on The Pick of TV Series 6 DVD, while all 26 of the 22-minute versions were released in the 6-volume DVD collection released exclusively in Hong Kong, and in 2 volumes on iTunes in Australia. The 22-minute versions were also the versions dubbed in other countries.

Known 11-Minute versions

  1. We Feel Like Dancing
  2. The Shimmie Shake
  3. Let's Get the Rhythm
  4. Over in the Meadow
  5. I Spy
  6. Who Am I?
  7. Murray Had A Turtle
  8. La Bamba
  9. Oranges and Lemons
  10. Hey Diddle Diddle
  11. This Way and That
  12. This Old Man
  13. Her Eyes Shone Like Diamonds
  14. London Bridge
  15. There Was A Princess
  16. Fun at Wigglehouse
  17. Wiggletastic
  18. Three Little Kittens

22-Minute versions

  1. Move and Groove
  2. Musical Landscape (also known as "Wiggledancing")
  3. Wiggle Dance
  4. The King of Swing
  5. Bailar y Cantar
  6. Barnyard Boogie
  7. The Bobby Bounce
  8. The Black Velvet Band
  9. Fun in the Sun
  10. My Fair Lady!
  11. So Early in the Morning
  12. Soy Capitan!
  13. Together We Live So Happily
  14. Oh, Captain!
  15. The Biggest Smile of All
  16. The Queen of the Land
  17. Get the Rhythm of the Hips
  18. Hear the Drum Beat (also known as "Let's Get the Rhythm of the Feet")
  19. Teddy Bear Touch the Ground
  20. Meadowsweet and Lady Smocks
  21. Ding, Ding, Dong!
  22. Buzz, Buzz, Buzz
  23. Shall We Dance?
  24. Dance This Way
  25. Kittens and Mittens
  26. Surf, Sand and Sun

The 11-minute versions are either split versions of the 22-minute ones, or the 22-minute versions are combined versions of the 11-minute ones, depending on which was made first. But unlike Series 3, the episode order between the 2 versions is shuffled. For example, We Feel Like Dancing (Ep. 1) and Over in the Meadow (Ep. 4) of the 11-minute versions make up "Move and Groove" (Ep. 1) of the 22-minute versions. Despite this, there are some major differences, such as songs or segments being added or taken away between these two versions to fit the proper running time (splitting 22-minutes into 11 means adding the intro and credits a second time). One example of a change is the song Pussycat, Pussycat, which appears in Murray Had a Turtle (Ep. 7 of the 11-min. versions), replacing Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star in the 22-minute version "The King of Swing" (a combination of it and Who Am I?, Ep. 6). Pussycat, Pussycat never appears in the 22-minute version, and it's currently unknown if 11-minute episodes beyond Ep. 18 include any other songs or segments not seen in the 22-minute versions, which there are known to be some based on blooper reels. Some of the songs and segments such as Dorothy talking about playing games don't even appear in any of the 11-minute versions, either.


Original 2006 Version

  • Wiggle and Learn [Theme Song] (M Cook, J Fatt, A Field, G Page)
  • Goodbye From The Wiggles [End Credits] (M Cook, J Fatt, A Field, G Page)

2007 Version

  • Wiggle and Learn [Theme Song] (M Cook, J Fatt, A Field, G Page)
  • Goodbye From The Wiggles [End Credits] (M Cook, J Fatt, A Field, G Page)



  • This TV Series had 2 different endboards.