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Wigglemania Live in Concert is a concert tour from the first quarter of 1998. Individual clips from the Melbourne show have been released through a few different places, mainly the 1998 version of Wiggle Time! (where it was presented under the name "The Wiggles Big Show") and The Wiggles' first and second TV series. However, it has never been released in full on VHS or DVD.

They are also thought to have aired on the "Let's Wiggle" TV segment, as three clips presented in the style of that segment were included on the VideoNow Disc Jr of Wiggle Opera as a bonus feature, most notably Get Ready to Wiggle, which has never been released anywhere else. Some of the songs that appear on the VideoNow Disc Jr editions of Wiggle Opera and Foodman, except for Get Ready to Wiggle, have additional footage as prologues.

Known Songs from Concert

  1. Rock-a-Bye Your Bear
  2. Can You (Point Your Fingers and Do the Twist?) (Seen on Muscleman Murray)
  3. Di Dicki Do Dum (Seen on Spooked Wiggles)
  4. Hot Potato (Seen on Funny Greg and Foodman Video Now Jr.)
  5. Wake Up Jeff! (Seen on Communication)
  6. Wave To Wags (Seen on Wiggle Time and Muscleman Murray)
  7. Tap Wags (Seen on Spooked Wiggles)
  8. Quack Quack (Seen on Spooked Wiggles and Wiggle Opera VideoNow Jr.)
  9. Five Little Ducks (Seen on Wiggle Time)
  10. Baby Beluga (Seen on Funny Greg)
  11. Ooh It's Captain Feathersword (Seen on Funny Greg and Wiggle Opera VideoNow Jr.)
  12. Nya Nya Nya (Seen on Muscleman Murray)
  13. Get Ready To Wiggle (Seen on Wiggle Opera VideoNow Jr.)
  14. Wiggly Medley (Encore) (Seen on Wiggle Time)

Rumored Song(s):

  1. Dorothy (Would You Like to Dance?)


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The Red Starry Guitar was never played, and its seen in the background at this concert.