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The Wiggles are an Australian children's band, founded by childhood educators and musicians Anthony Field, Greg Page, Murray Cook andd Jeff Fatt. Now in their 25th year, they've been releasing CDs, DVDs, Books, and more all across the world since 1991!

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Don't believe everything you read here. Many pages on this site can be edited by anyone, and a lot of untrue things either go unnoticed by our minimal active administrators, or are very difficult to fix as they spread over many pages. In particular, recently "Production" sections have been added to numerous videos, and "Music Credits" have been added to nearly every song page that contain information that would be impossible to know (like who came up with the idea of each song, or how many weeks/months it took to film a video), since that information has never been made available by The Wiggles themselves. These and many other issues are in the early stages of being fixed, but just know to look out for false information like this that hasn't been corrected in the meantime.

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