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Wiggly Safari
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"Wiggly Safari" is The Wiggles' 14th album released in 2002. It nominated the 2002 ARIA Music Award for Best Children's Album but lost to Hi-5's Boom Boom Beat. The accompanying video was released on July 8, 2002.


  1. Wiggly Safari Intro
  2. The Crocodile Hunter
  3. Australia Zoo Intro
  4. Australia Zoo
  5. Do the Owl Intro
  6. Do the Owl
  7. Wobbly Camel Intro
  8. Wobbly Camel
  9. Cocky Want a Cracker Intro
  10. Cocky Want a Cracker
  11. Old Man Emu Intro
  12. Old Man Emu
  13. Swim With Me Intro
  14. Swim With Me
  15. Feeding Time Intro
  16. Feeding Time
  17. Dingo Tango Intro
  18. Dingo Tango
  19. Snakes Intro
  20. Snakes (You Can Look But You Better Not Touch)
  21. Kookaburra Choir Intro
  22. Kookaburra Choir
  23. We're the Crocodile Band Intro
  24. We're the Crocodile Band
  25. Koala La La Intro
  26. Koala La La
  27. You Might Like a Pet Intro
  28. You Might Like a Pet
  29. Dorothy Queen of the Roses
  30. Butterflies Flit Intro
  31. Butterflies Flit
  32. The Wiggly Owl Medley

Release Dates

Australia - February 11, 2002

America - June 24, 2003

United Kingdom - October 2, 2003



  • Mastering: Don Bartley
  • Composers: Murray Cook, Jeff Fatt, Anthony Field, Greg Page, John Field, Steve Irwin, Dominic Lindsay and Paul Paddick
  • Mxing/Engineer: Alex Keller
  • Arrangers: Dominic Lindsay and The Wiggles
  • Package Designers: Amy McMurray and Leonor Agea
  • Artists: The Wiggles (Primary Artist), Terri Irwin (Guest Artist) and Steve Irwin (Guest Artist)


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