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March 5, 2001

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"Wiggly TV" is a compilation video of two episodes (three episodes on the DVD version) from The Wiggles (Series 2) which are "Play", "Wiggly History", and "Family" (DVD only). It was released on DVD and VHS on March 5, 2001. 


  1. Playtime
  2. Anthony Loves His Food (Special Feature on DVD)
  3. Wiggly History
  4. Wiggly Bloopers (Special Feature on DVD)
  5. Family (DVD only)


The following are:


US Version

For more information, see Wiggly Play Time

In the US, this video was released on VHS on August 14, 2001 under the title Wiggly Play Time. In this version, all three episodes are played as one, and to transistion between each episode they use the Bee and Flower from the intro. The bloopers are not included on either the VHS or the DVD. The DVD, released in 2004, features "The Big Red Car Has a Rattling Experience" storybook instead of "Anthony Loves His Food" and also includes two bonus episodes of TV Series 3.

Promo Pictures

  • The Wiggles and Flora Door in promo picture
  • Captain Feathersword outside of Wags' House in promo picture
  • Captain Feathersword in Dorothy's Garden in promo picture
  • The Wiggles,Captain and Dorothy in a promo picture

VHS and DVD Gallery

DVD Menu Gallery


There was no animations on the menus, but there was an intro, which was the TV Series 2 theme, with a page-turn transition to the menu.

DVD Menu Transcript

There is no music heard in any menus, but there is narration from Greg Page describing what you can do at the beginning of each menu.

Main Menu: Take a pick at what you’d like to do; watch Wiggly TV, watch Wiggly Bloopers, have a look at the Wiggly Extras, or turn on Subtitles for the hearing impaired.

"Watch Wiggly TV" Menu: You can watch 3 different Wiggly TV episodes; Playtime, Family, or Wiggly History, or you can play all episodes one after the other!

"Wiggly Extra's" Menu: Choose the Wiggly Extra you would like to watch. You can sing karaoke style with The Wiggles, or read along with the Wiggles and look at details about the DVD-ROM section of the disc.

"Sing Along with The Wiggles" Menu: Let's sing along with The Wiggles, karaoke style! Choose from Captain Feathersword Fell Asleep On His Pirate Ship, Get Ready To Wiggle, Ponies, or John Bradelum, or play all the songs!

"Read Along with The Wiggles" Menu: It's reading time! You can read with The Wiggles, or read by yourself.

"DVD-Rom" Menu: If you insert the DVD disc into your home or Windows-based computer fitted with a DVD drive, you have access to more exciting Wiggles fun and games! including: a colouring game, pictures to print out and colour in, and access to The Wiggles' website!


  • This was the first Wiggles video to be released on DVD.
  • This is the first time a Wiggles video has an animated storybook in it.
  • On the VHS, the bloopers and storybook are placed after Wiggly History and Play with title cards not seen on the DVD, as these can be accessed from the "Wiggly Extras" menu and "Wiggly Bloopers" button on the latter.
  • This was the first TV episode compilation released on DVD.
  • This is the only Wiggles DVD to have the ABC Video And Roadshow Entertainment Logo.

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