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"Yawn Yawn Yawn" is a song about going through the day, from when you first yawn in the morning. Greg Page wrote the lyrics of this song.

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21 Yawn Yawn Yawn


Yawn, yawn, yawn, the day has just begun.

Stretch, stretch, stretch and reach up to the sun.

Rub your eyes. It's time to start the day.

Eat, eat, eat, then we can go and play.

Hop, hop, hop, we'll hop the morning through.

Skip, skip, skip, skipping is fun, too.

We love to play. We always have such fun.

We paint, paint, paint, we build and draw and run.

Yawn, yawn, yawn, the day is at an end.

Hug, hug, hug, teddy bear's your friend.

Go to bed, lay down your head and then

You'll dream, dream, dream till morning comes again.

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